Staged Homes

You want your home to be visually and emotionally appealing to the broadest range of buyers. From the moment they step out of their car, to the very last room they walk through, its the whole package that will cause them to fall in love, want to stay and never leave! That is the moment memories are started!

Senior Living

can take on many forms,

it can be downsizing to a smaller home and trying to decide what items to take.

Figuring a new floor plan in a senior community and how to place furniture. It can be moving in with family and making a small space their own. FINELY HOME can help in all these areas with a caring heart!

Vacation Homes

When you finally get away from your busy life and take a vacation, you want it to be something special!  Whether  it is your own personal retreat or a vacation rental property you want it to be a memory maker that will not be forgotten. We pay close attention to make every room an experience!

Design To Live

is to help you make adjustments to your home and to fine tune it to  fit your personality and style. FINELY HOME can help you achieve your perfect home. If you've lived in your home  for years or need help designing your new home and get settled in. We will make it a one of a kind just like you!

Our web site's staging has not been completed, Please Check Back Soon!