Your front door is the threshold that welcomes your friends and family from the outdoors into your home. What they see effects how they feel before they even walk in! A colorful wreath can add warmth and a festive atmosphere for any season. A door with nothing on it or a small wreath not to scale can look cold and uninviting. FINELY HOME can take any doorway and make it a one of a kind entry. Every one of our wreaths are custom designed. You can select the colors, style and size you would like for YOUR HOME, or the PERFECT GIFT.



At FINELY HOME we create our own Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and CHRISTmas wreaths. Click here to browse through our on hand, ready to go selection.


Buy a wreath from FINELY HOME for CHRISTmas  and 15% will go to the MAKE A WISH foundation!

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